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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Have been Gone but not forgotten...

It so odd... I started this blog as an exercise in me.  A way to express and rediscover that creative person that has been buried deep inside.  What is the saying about best laid plans..... appears to hold true.  Once again the stars have not aligned or they may have misaligned in the opposite direction.

It appears that hubs is being downsized once again (x4 now)... and I have been forced back into the work force as the "primary bread winner".  I have worked as a nurse for 23 years but the last few years have enjoyed the world of PRN and the ability of being able to set my schedule around the needs of my family.  Well now I am once again part of the rat race and feeling like a hamster on a wheel.  Early mornings and traffic filled commutes.  I have opted to take a new job outside of the hospital.  I am over all the years of weekends, nights and holidays.  I have enjoyed feeling more normal as far as working days, but I do not like the 5 day a week gig.  I get nothing done since 7 days a week the boys have activities with sports and school.  New jobs are always tough and I hate that newbie status and curve.  I like to know what I am doing and do it well.  I am settling in getting a feel or groove as it were.  Maybe I have been avoiding blogging for fear of being a negative beast buried in the mire and tarnishing my creation.  Hopefully I am finding my cuppa a little more half full and will get back in the swing of things soooooooon!!

This is a shout out to all those who struggle and those working mom's out there.  Heck, to my stay at home mom's as well..   I miss my babies , even though they are babies no more.  

GIRL POWER!!!!  Hear us roar !!!!