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Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween...a tad after the fact

I have gotten quite a chuckle reading through different posts on the traditions in other parts of the world.  One I am particularly fond of was from Aberdeen, Scotland... children telling jokes for their treat.  How adorable is that :)

I was very proud of myself this year for my costume frugality .  Times have been tough as of late and have been trying to pinch the ole pennies.  This year was a bit easier as my older two had high school hockey games and could not participate { makes me sad they are growing up :(  } ....  The youngest also did his part by deciding to be a hobo .   I can soooo do that, esp with the help of my local beloved Goodwill store  and their tag of the day discount... That lovely Pumpkin Orange tags saved me a bundle.  I paid $2.97 for three items which were the main pieces of lil man's costume (and quite wearable after the fact) With an additional $2.10 for face paint (a splurge) ... a halloween pillowcase, hat and a walking stick...all from home.... the costume was complete.  So for around $5 ,  we created a costume that was a hit with my son and all our peeps in the hood.

Funny how the treaters and parents alike gave him praise for his creative costume idea.  I thought it funny as it was a very "old school" costume idea.  Maybe in the days of Disney, Cartoon Network and Marvel comics .... it actual did appear very original.  He was thrilled and I love that I made him happy and saved the family budget.