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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pen to paper

A mutual blogger that I follow made reference to the series "Felicity" I find myself watching "Felicity" on Netflix.  How could I have missed this series?!?!  I recall the title but I have never seen it during its primary broadcasting nor in syndication.  What a wonderful series.  In thinking back this was during the time of my own college days, probably right around my graduation and nose dive into the grown-up world of real employment.  Honest to goodness make my own living, pay my own bills, provide my own health benefits and pulling up my big girl panties.   Having always worked nights... no wonder I missed some really cool television.    Funny I recall my very first credit card (so that I could establish my adult credit ) was a Sears card.  My first purchase... a VCR.. but even more funny.. I don't think I recorded one single show.

While watching, Felicity, I was particularly taken with the "taped" letters she composed at the beginning of each episode.   I often wish that I had kept in touch with childhood penpals.  One in particular comes to mind.. Her name was Paula, and I am horribly embarrassed to admit that I have forgotten her last name.   While in 4th grade at Cathedral Day Parochial School, Sister Georgette was new to our school and as a class project gave each of us a name and address of a student from her previous teaching assignment in NY.  She chose each one with care and tried her best to link students with similar interests and personalities.  Paula was Polish Catholic  (like myself... very rare in the South) and had a love of horses, as most dreamy eyed girls that age.  I also remember thinking how unbelievably worldly she must have been to live in NY.  Spoken like a true southern girl from the tiny town of Hardeeville, SC.   There's another really special connection as my father grew up in NY and often spoke of his childhood.... I would put those vivid descriptions together with the letter that I so eagerly awaited.  We had such big plans of visiting one another, growing up and being roommates and taking the world by storm... of course while owning    But sadly, time moved on, life's trials got in the way and the letters became fewer and further between.  Both of us finding other "real time" activities more exciting.   I often think of her and wonder how life has treated her.   Hoping that all her 10 year old dreams came true...while riding that magical pony.

The art of putting pen to paper is such a dying art.   With the advent of the computer age and instant correspondence , waiting for a letter to arrive in the mail seems so antiquated to most.   I find myself sorely remiss in writing a simple thank you or sending a birthday greeting or card.  How sad that in yet another area of our lives we are losing the human touch.   Maybe I need to find a penpal...

Side note... the day after posting the above
On second thought I need glasses or I have dyslexia.... I rechecked the time line on Felicity... 1998 not 1989...   In 1998 I was knee deep in dirty diapers, sleepless nights and motherhood.   Yet another good reason not to be aware of the latest tv   Oddly enough, the actors in the show closer to my actual age making time difference not seem sooo long.    Oh well I liked my post.. So I am going to leave it as is with this small disclaimer at the bottom..     

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