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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things that make my kindle feel like home

I have seen much debate on kindle vs books..  I must say that I fought getting a kindle for many years... In my mind I was killing the written word and playing a part in the demise of the bookstore.  I love the appearance, touch, feel and even smell of a good book... esp a gently loved edition.  I am all about a hardcover or large style paperbacks with its corners slightly dog-eared.  My favorite way to spend the day is perusing a bookstore, (esp used) with a coffee or hot tea in hand.  The beautiful covers are artwork and make my senses tingle.  To what magical place can I travel upon opening the cover...

This past Christmas my father and step-mother bought me the kindle touch.. and I was instantly in love.  With a few alterations/additions... (photos below) a cover for the feeling and appearance of a book and a skin to give it a visual appeal of a cover... not to mention a bit of girlie bling ;)

I love my kindle because
  • It is lightweight and  can travel everywhere
  • I can read/carry more that one book at a time and never lose my place
  • Easy to read with my tired and ever aging eyes...can change font size
  • Easy to read in bed, no matter which way I am lying
  • Love the ability to access definitions and translations with one touch of a finger 
  • Can highlight passages and "dog-ear" pages without actually damaging the book
  • No creases in the book spines.. a bit OCD I admit, but I hate damaging the covers
  • I can get "MY FIX" at 2 am when I NEED the next book in a series and the stores are closed
  • Reading in a crowd and no one has to know what I am reading
  • My kiddos are unable to see my less than G-rated covers...hehehe

My fears about the modern age of e-books
  • The demise of the bookstore, but esp used bookstores
  • The gradual decrease in book supply and possible demise of the public library as we know it
  • My children's children never knowing what it is like to enter a library or bookstore and never knowing the bliss of holding a little piece of heaven known as the BOOK

I have linked my kindle to my public library via the READS program.. 
for those living in Tennessee 

I still visit my public library and check out books
I still go to bookstores both new and used and buy the occasional morsel


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