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Friday, August 17, 2012

Perfect way to spend a gray day

Spent my morning at my beloved McKay's used bookstore HEAVEN!!!  With my mega Tervis mug in hand, filled to the brim with hot tea... I was locked and loaded for my pilgrimage south.  
My pulse quickens as I enter the door and my eyes focus upon rows and rows of books... all shapes, sizes and genre.   I walk along the books, viewing titles and authors, running my hand down the gently loved spines of each one that catches my attention.  I have a list in hand with tried and true titles that are a MUST BUY... Yet, at the same moment I am googling with my smart phone, checking reviews and pricing vs kindle downloads for books that seem to have found their way into my cart and want to come home with me.

only $3.00
(have started reading and already appears to be a fun and easy read)
I have a secret desire to downsize and live in an airstream ... just roaming
Let's see if that holds true when I finish this one....   :)

only  $0.05... not a mistake 5 cents
in perfect condition

I own these last two in  mass marker paperback :( , but I have been wanting them in when I found them today in perfect condition with dust covers.... I splurged.    My ultimate goal is to gather all my favorites  in the Oversized Paperback format...which is truly my favorite format... Butter baybeeeee!!!

$6.00 so a big splurge

$3.00 for the romantic in me

And last but not least..... For my youngest son... who is also a ravenous bibliophile.

$1.75 in new condition

 I really wanted Austenland by Shannon Hale, but sadly could only find it for 69 cents cheaper than kindle download... so the hunt continues.


  1. I just finished The Mulberry Tree audiobook! It was great!! Just buy Austenland! Whatever the cost. Awesome book. Love it.

    1. YAY!!! I just found the paperback version of Austenland for $2 ... let the reading begin!
      Thank you for the input.. I am looking forward to both reads.