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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Outlander on Audio CD

Well in preparing a pre-post for my next book ,  I suddenly realized to my dismay, that I had inadvertently started with book two of the series....  HUGE SAD FACE, esp because the library does not have book number one and I am 6th on the download waitlist for kindle.  I am trying to show restraint and not buy it from Amazon nor from my beloved McKays.   So, in an attempt to satiate the withdrawal, I am listening to Outlander on audio CD.  I have always wanted to give it a go and there it was, on the library shelf, calling my name. Jamie calling to me from the Craigh na Dun.

Outlander series in oversized paperback...... I WANT!!!!
Have been attempting to 
collect from used bookstores.


  1. I am now up to four in oversized paperback. Outlander, Dragonfly and Voyager are like new... Fiery Cross not as good shape (if I find a replacement my current one can go to my local library )

  2. YAY!!!! One more found... only need Two more