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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My kingdom for heavy cream

In the land of milk and honey is there no heavy whipping cream to be had??  I am attempting to make my own Clotted Cream , all part of my UK obsession.   The recipe calls for heavy whipping cream... I think... NO problem.  Au contraire my dear..  I guess the only kind available is Ultra Pasteurized and I need non-ultra pasteurized.  Every recipe clearly states NO ultra pasteurized.   Grrrrr looks like a trip south to Whole Foods Market.  I had to settle for overpaying for a small container of Devonshire Cream ....and of course a few other nibbles that caught my eye.

I will admit.... the Yorkshire pudding doesn't go with an afternoon tea , will save for dinner.   But grab a cuppa and I will bring the biscuits and cream..

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